@Jsteck Don’t beat yourself up over it. Wealth is a multi-generational endeavor and if your family isn’t wealthy, well, somebody has to take one for the team to get it started. My father grew up during the Depression so he never trusted the stock market. He only had CDs and encouraged me to do the same. I’m also the first in the family to graduate from college. My parents were great parents but I had to learn everything on my own. And over the years I’ve sent my kids to college, I’ve gotten the kids started in investing, and hopefully one day do the same for grandkids. It hasn’t been easy and it seems like I give away more than I get to keep but like I said, someone has to take one for the team. What I do here is try to teach others by laying out my successes and mistakes. It’s also cathartic for me. It’s like that old narrative — teach a man to fish and he’ll never go hungry. Others will mock my sincerity about this but I think you’re old enough to understand. All my best.
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