$WYY You simply can’t read yesterday’s earnings announcement and not see that this company is growing. I am continuing to add at these prices.
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@dennismccain I believe that people are always responsible for their own trades; if advice turns out to be wrong, people must take responsibility for choosing to follow it and not throw blame around. That said, as a complete beginner, I am very dependent on the ideas of others. If there's any area where my own "skill" or ingenuity comes into play, it's in discerning who is worth following and who is worth ignoring. And that became pretty evident quite early on for me. I'm a student without the luxury of time to devote myself fully to learning how to trade, but by doing this on the side and listening to worthwhile voices, I've managed to learn a lot and am doing pretty well so far. You have my respect and appreciation!
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@Big_Swifty Thank you for those kind words. Know that I’m just an individual investor like yourself and I’ve been known to occasionally make mistakes. But the things that I post are things I’m either doing or considering doing myself with my own funds. Good luck in school. You have your whole life ahead of you to invest in the market. All my best.
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