One of the side effects of the spread of this CoronaVirus has been the massive destruction of a few of the state’s budgets. Most people know which states they are β€” New York, California, Illinois, and a few others. Those are the states that will now push hard for legalizing and expanding the use of marijuana and gambling simply in order to tax them. It’s sad but it’s also prudent for me to consider that idea as I scan for additional future investments. One company that comes to mind obviously is DKNG, but there are plenty of others. πŸŒ΄πŸ€”πŸŒ΄
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@dennismccain Dennis, in regards to gambling, I bought these: INSE GAN DKNG GMBL Are there any others that you have a good view of or are pursuing yourself? I want to focus on online gaming and avoid investing in physical casinos.
@Big_Swifty Those are the same ones I'm looking at. I only own two of them -- DKNG and GAN. The other two I'm still considering.