$PRAA Analysts have been raising their price targets on these shares lately. The average target is now up to $42.25 or about 10% higher than it was. That boost is in the right direction but I still think these analysts are underestimating this company’s potential. I’m still looking for a move up toward $55 per share which is similar to what I posted last month (see below). 🌴⭐️🌴
$PRAA This company is a debt collector for all kinds of personal debts and if you’ve been watching the news lately you know this business is about to increase dramatically. It may be an unfortunate business but it’s also a necessary business in a functioning economy. And I think this is another company where the analysts have underestimated where these shares are headed. Analysts have a price target of just $39 but the company’s earnings growth rate is expected to double from 32% per year to 65% per year over the next 5 years. So I expect these shares are headed toward $55 per share for about a 40% ROI. 🌴⭐️🌴
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