@jerseygirl123 I would too. But as you know, the value, and hence the price, of the shares of any company depends solely on what traders perceive it to be. That may or my not be related to any intrinsic value of the company itself. If traders think the price is too low, they’ll buy. If too high, they’ll sell. The only thing the company can do is to keep trying to increase the company’s revenue while controlling costs and therefore increasing the intrinsic value of the company. Once that’s recognized by traders, they’ll buy the shares and increase the price. Personally I think the company is doing everything it can to increase revenues. I just think the jury’s out on their success at controlling costs. We’ll find out at the next earnings announcement. Right now there’s doubt among traders as they sell the shares. I believe they’re wrong. At the next earnings we’ll find out who’s right. All my best. 🌴⭐️🌴
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