$OMI Without scanning the markets for forward estimates I would never have found this company. I would have completely missed this one. The company just happens to operate in the business of medical and surgical supplies and products. And that business is highly profitable and in demand. Earlier this year the company estimated it would make between $.30 and $.50 this year. Then about mid year they raised that estimate to between $1 and $1.20. That led to a secondary offering priced at $20.50. They’re now raising earnings estimates again to at least $1.75. As you can see on the chart below the price has been news driven since with each earnings announcement the shares jumped. Without the news the shares began to slide back afterwards each time. I can’t say I understand this stock price movement but I can see that these shares are extremely cheap and should be more appropriately priced in the upper $40s. This trade is an easy double. Options available. All my best. 🌴⭐️🌴
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