$BCRX is having trouble holding on to its gains this morning and the shares are now fading. This is an acknowledgement by serious traders that the news really wasn’t as big of a deal despite the crazies on StockTwits trying to convince you that it was. These are the same people who continually blame the “Big Boys” for manipulating stock prices but the truth is they’re the ones trying to manipulate you. Here’s my analysis from earlier today along with a few of their manipulative responses. Judge for yourself. All my best to you. stocktwits.com/dennismccain...
@OnlyPickWinners I’m not feeling any heat. I’ve been doing this longer than most of them have been alive and I’m pretty confident with my strategies and tactics of trading. I just wanted to set the record straight and to point out to a lot of new traders the kind of information or garbage they’re likely to see on this site.