Also, I hope no one is seriously waiting for an $AMZN split. Elon Musk cares if TSLA rises. He's show that; his comp is tied to it. Tim Cook cares if AAPL rises. He's engineered the whole company buyback stock, shrink the share count, and increase EPS, and presumably boost the stock. Jeff Bezos does not give a damn if the stock goes up in the short term or down. Recall that in the last earnings call, the message was that shareholders need to "sit down," because the company intended to open the CapEx flood gates, which typically portends pressure on the stock price. Bezos will NOT be motivated to split the stock in order to give it some artificial boost. Better to bet on the underlying fundamentals of the company or a good read of it's technicals (only fools are posting that this is going to 2,000) than on the unfounded hope/dream/fantasy that there will be a split. There will be no split. Bezos does not care.
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@derek_james I entirely with the madness of this "split thinking." That's why I'm not on the board very often. The ratio of noise/nonesense/un-serious thinking to signal is very high. You have the Splitters on one side ("a split is all you need!"), the Zeros ("this is going to zero [or some other absurd number]!") on the other. The only way the stock resumes it rise is after the low, wherever it may be, is tested, preferably on volume. The first stop (and maybe the last) is the lower BB. We're only 45 points or little over 100 bps away from that. By that point, we will have matched the March 2020 decline of 15%. Tomorrow might actually be the day - or possibly Friday.
@JackFrosted I am the resident perma bull on here - and memes- that is my schtick - haha Been trading 27 years - 11 Amazon as #1 daily trader in both long and short holds - I have seen it ALL - price was $550 when I arrived... I like expensive stocks - keeps it elusive and exclusive. on this board its trolls and millionaires - not much in between... I have to use my troll radar to weed them out but their ignorance is pretty obvious