AMC Ultimately the question is whether sellers outnumber buyers at the 48.5+ level. From yesterday it definitely looks like the people flipping shares didn't get a chance to "reload" and posters are incredibly bullish, so a bunch of buys tomorrow plus options hedging simply tip the scales and this goes ripping to 50+ I find myself *wanting* to make a bear case. My thesis still holds, buyers have stopped aggressively testing resistance that's pushed them back, and sellers will be concerned that this is the last test & will start unloading. AH didn't rip on the obvious bullish continuation. Last week ended on a double doji so IMO the time was absolutely ripe for a cratering, but every day this week there's been *something* to push the price up. Shang-Chi record breaking opening. AA announcing an ad, GME reversing its gains. Thing is, on a bullish continuation I'm not sure what stops this thing. Resistance at previous highs?