Here are some of today's top charts shared across the streams.
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What People Are Saying…

  • $BZUN Out of options but still holding some equity. Just riding that short-term trendline it started in March after bouncing at the 80dma.
  • $HOS cheap and rsiky looking at names in Oil & Gas - HOS weekly herein
  • $EURUSD is still abiding its range from the past two months, but these two lower wicks make for an interesting situation for the pair:
  • $DK with a topping pattern, and nearing another leg lower from here.
  • Mmm mmm bad may be about to turn into mmm mmm good. $CPB 3.5% div
  • $GS we are here, above the 20ema and right belwo the steep trendline. Break above and it could be fast. Added to my Sept Calls
  • Love this flag here on $FB. Especially around new highs. As long as it doesn't get too deep I will try to swing this into ER if it triggers.
  • Anyone think Tata Motors could rip 10%+ if this failed breakdown confirms w/ a close above 281.50? $TTM It's been trying, but no dice yet