$MVIS 3 things to always ask when investing in a business: 1. what is the market demand for product? 2. how proprietary is the product? 3. is leadership competent? Two series of patents I find v interesting re: MVIS: 1. speckle reduction/refinement 2. multi laser scanning (inputs & outputs) Not just one or two, but multiple protective measures against imitators & obsolescence. Lack of cash in company makes sense given the complexity of patents filed (expensive to file properly, expensive R&D to begin with); also patents give value to company outside/beyond revenue generated (someone will pay for patents one way or another). People throw around the term DD a lot but what is DD? Research, also critical thinking. Not healthy to view with one lens only, factor in negatives as well. Sometimes things are perfectly aligned but can go badly; this is why you should risk an amount you're willing to lose to make an amount you're happy to have. Short on time sorry, hope this makes sense.
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