$ALTO I own ALTO, $GEVO and $AMTX ... and after yesterday I added more on $GEVO late yesterday. And more ALTO & AMTX today (smaller positions than GEVO) I have been running various scenarios, and factoring in outside influences. (Not just the numbers / charts). Some of them are obvious: Biden Admin, re-enter PCA, recent weather impacts, BG interviews along with a few other considerations. The Goofy things that keep coming up are #1. Crazy Numbers for $GEVO over the next month or so. #2. The lack of Standards in the Industry (when comparing the 3 here) #3. And this is the one that I am confused over... (Plea for Help from SMARTER People) Why on PAPER / CHARTS does $ALTO SMOKE $AMTX and $GEVO ? I like all 3. I am Bullish on all in this ORDER: Gevo, Alto, Amtx... But $ALTO shows potential for HUGE Growth at 1, 3, 5 years. And NO Puppets, MM Influencers etc. on the inside! WHY?