$KZIA Caught this on twitter. I do not believe this. I will say i have seen some Ph1 drugs even get bought out by big pharm for crazy money Buy out not going to happen with KZIA at this moment. Dr. Garner knows what he has. First he has 2M shares. Second he has stated that KZIA will take Paxalisib as far as possible before entertaining offers. He wants top dollar for shareholders. He made that statement on one of the KZIA videos on youtube. Now if they want to offer $40-$50 a share now thats fine. Look at the facts. Temzolomide is the only FDA approved drug and is currently considered the gold standard. It is only affective for 1/3 of those with GBM and that alone generated 1B a year in revs. in 2008. KZIA Paxalisib is going for the other 2/3 of GBM patients so what kind of revs do you think pax could command in 2020-2021 dollars. Whoever would buy would have 10yrs exclusivity. So if sold for just 1/10 at 1B which is a bargain. Shareprice would be $125 for a market cap of 1B.
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