$PHIL Lets clear some confusion. A handful of posters are trying to bottle neck everyone into thinking that the Diamond Exchange will only be Diamonds. That is not the case. ADE will be a copy of what Dubia offers but for Vietnam. PHIL has the support via the lux fund and international investment to make it happen. It will cost 1.3 billion USD to complete the buildings, ports, roads and housing. We know the numbered items are ones Henry already mention in the past that are part of what we are doing. This tells me that we have more to be disclosed. What other commodities will the exchange offer open market. Much to be disclosed. The best part is Dubia sits on only 200 Hectare acers of land and the one in Vietnam is going to be on 600 Hectare acers of land. 3 times the size and a gateway for China and the South Eastern Asia Market. dmcc.ae/gateway-to-trade/co...