$PHIL 766mill shares increase to 28.5bill shares. We know that Henry has disclosed the reasons shares will increase as noted below. -Five Grain purchase -Cost for accounting service per financials that slip in from time to time over the last 8 months -Conversion of notes that slip in from time to time also -Mergers and additional Acquisition not yet disclosed -8S filed for 2.6bill shares at a price of .0080 to employees offer
@djk0689 Hope the increase was for a good reason! Henry has been remiss in sharing news lately.
@Rub5dala I feel I know what a large part of it is for and I don't think it will matter much. I think he cleaned out the note holders after getting the money for the loan. I always figured if he paid them off the conversion would not happen. In reading the last set of filling he paid one off and they still converted some shares. We need to have the next set of filling to check subsequent events and see what happen.