$DPLS $AITX @Makenmoney89 Hello Short, my name is Long. We don’t know one another, but I’ve been watching your chats. It’s funny how you dive into a pool of longs without even once proclaiming your position. It’s obvious that you hold a short position, which is the only reason you or anyone else would waste time negating a stock when you could spend the same amount of time promoting what you see as valuable. I’ve seen shorts like you attempting to devalue other ticks for the same old purpose of claiming a small profit, at one particular moment in time. SNDL, JAGX, CTRM, NVIV, TNXP, the list goes on.... The question is, will you hold the same position when DPLS hits .05, or when AITX hits .40? Shorts gain for a day or a week, but the market is always correct, and the longs always win. Your “DD” is nothing more than spewed opinions which cannot be proven in favor of, or in contrast to, the current state. You always disappear when the smoke clears. Cheers to you my guy