@thenewberserk this is not data, you literally said your in at 40.5k... I don't know what's worse you trying to prove to others you're not an idiot or the fact you're still continuing to try and prove to others you're not an idiot.
@djonez90 now im sherlock what a clown cpi guy 🤡. its crypto in case ur still living under a rock 40%pullback and ur suddenly bearish I'm in $BTC.X at 40.5k $HUT at 7.90 there so you have data you stinky retard if its "so priced in" how is the market green RETARD cant explain huh dont spread ur stinky brain. btc been following index u really retarded idk how u open a twits acc does it swing up and down 40%???? 🤡🤡🤡
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