$OPK folks that are so unhappy with the stock should just sell it and move on rather than waste time with an investment and go somewhere to be happy rather than bitter and angry. Life too short - Fact is that it should be higher on share price based on fundamentals and prospects by conservative 2x or more. Fact is they have beat 3 of last 4 quarterly revenue estimates. Fact is they have beat 2 of last 4 quarterly earnings estimates. Fact is they have will beat in Q4 with another record revenue and earnings quarter. Fact is they have Somatrogon milestone payment on FDA acceptance (I believe this is the definition) along with royalties in 2021. Fact is they will be growing Rayaldee in 2021 with 7 new E/U countries by Vifor along with some milestone and royalty payments. Fact is Rayaldee is about to expand into Stage-5 treatment and very likely used for COVID with both trial results in coming months. Probably forgetting some things, but fact is they have never been better positioned
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