$KMPH Question: So where are the funds and institutions that once owned KemPharm, but had to leave when our pps dropped and we moved to the OTC? Do you think that they just threw away all of their due diligence that brought them to KemPharm in the first place? Answer: I believe that they are just waiting and watching, just as many investors who avoid OTC stocks for whatever reasons. They invested in KemPharm "back then" and I believe that will flock back when KemPharm jumps back to the NASDAQ, which is GIVEN! Will they come back slowly and test the waters? The obvious answer, at least to me, is NO! THEY WILL JUMP IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND AS QUICKLY AS PRUDENTLY POSSIBLE! They will see the competition from the "knowledgeable retail investors", the influx of PDUFA players and the followers of "JUMPERS". The time horizon of our PDUFA date and being a JUMPER in the market, up listing to the NASDAQ from the OTC, is going to create a monumental confluence, leading to the explosion!
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