$KMPH - While others disagree (they're allowed) I don't want an R/S I want KMPH to go high, reach better exchanges generically ... just like FCEL has done with it's stock price. If the drugs get approved and are as great as advertised ... it should be able to get to $4 - 5 on it's own ... no matter what anyone tells me. R/S suck! Best wishes, good luck to respectful loving peeps everywhere!!!
@Kingcole06 @Sandysson No body is a fan of Reverse split in general. But if it is done at the right time for a right purpose it will do wonders.. Kempharm did not do the RS before delisting.. because it was not the right time for it.. But now is the most opportune time for Kempharm!!
@wayanadan @Kingcole06 @Sandysson I guess that I be the BULL PREACHER! Ya know, I think that BULL PREACHER has a very nice ring to it! @Sandyson DUDE! I would be the first in line to vote against a reverse split, IF I ALSO WANTED TO PLAY RUSSIAN ROULETTE WITH A FULLY LOADED GUY! However, I am a little smarter than that! You seem to forget or maybe you never fully comprehended that we have a LARGE DEBT HANGING OVER OUR HEADS OF SOMETHING AKIN TO $62,863,037. AND THAT DEBT IS DUE ON OR BEFORE MARCH 31, 2021....IN RIO LINDA, THAT IS JUST OVER 4 MONTHS FROM NOW. If we thought that we had a "guaranteed avenue" OR "all of the time we needed to ORGANICALLY grow" into the range where the big money would come in, KMPH WOULD DO THAT. HOWEVER, TO REFINANCE OUR LOAN THEY NEED TO BE ABLE TO SHOW TO WHOEVER IT IS, THAT THEY HAVE THE ABILITY TO DO A REVERSE SPLIT TO "SUPER CHARGE" OUR GROWTH CURVE. I would wholeheartedly follow your lead on NO REVERSE SPLIT if we had time, BUT WE DON'T!