@Stocks4thought @Biotech_SD One in the same! If you remember, it got caught up on an egotistical ad comm group. They took a vote on labeling, which they had no authority to do and hadn't been asked for anyway. AFTER A YEAR APEAL, WE FOUND A PARTNER IN KVK. KVK IS THE #1 MANUFACTURE OF OPIOID GENERICS. WE STARTED A PILOT PROGRAM IN MOBILE, ALABAMA THE FIRST OF DECEMBER. I have no doubt that many are going to be blindsided by this even being in play, but trust me, it is in play. ONCE THIS GETS GOING, THERE WILL BE ZERO REASON THAT OTHER COMPANIES SHOULD BE SOLD. WE WILL HAVE A PRODUCT THAT IS PROVEN DIFFERENTIATED IN A SIGNIFICANT WAY.
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