$KMPH did Travis agree to this YouTube interview 1 month ago to pump the share price a little bit before releasing the latest SEC regarding warrants and shelf offering, which always have some negative impact on current price?
@doctor01 thanks a lot for your detailed reply. Totally agree that they don’t need any kind of fluff PRs like several other companies which only lead to the common pump & dump scheme. Mid to long term the fundamentals will speak for themselves and for sure I will still be on board.
@PatienceIsAVirtue_ Hehehe Just to be clear, I am all for a little more fluff, just to at least tell the story that we have. IN MY OPINION, THEY SUCK AT SELLING THE SIZZLE. However, their hands are tied to a great extent on not being able to do as much as I would like. I am just along for the ride like you! GO KEMPHARM GO!!!