$KMPH Nothing has changed, except our bullish attitude here! IT SHOULD BE A SIGN TO SOME THAT THINGS HAVE NEVER BEEN BETTER. WHY? BECAUSE PEOPLE WANT YOUR SHARES AND THEY ARE WILLING TO GO TO THESE LENGTHS TO SCARE YOU OUT OF SOME OF YOURS. We have had one BIG long holder, whose name I won't mention, who has been shaken to the core by his inability to let the past go. THAT IS SAD! It isn't healthy to wonder when Travis goes to the crapper, IF he is going to have solid turds or diarrhea! It isn't healthy to BELIEVE THAT TRAVIS HAS CRAPPED HIS PANTS, AGAIN, WHEN HE IS JUST GOING TO THE BATHROOM TO TAKE A PISS! If someone wants to wallow in the past, they have every right to do so. PLUS, they have every right to wallow in public as has been done here, but I will continue to find that sad and BELIEVE IN THE SUCCESS THAT WE ARE SO CLOSE TO , if anyone has any SOLID BAD NEWS, THEY CERTAINLY HAVEN'T SHARED IT. YOU KNOW WHY??? THERE ISN'T ANY FUCKING BAD NEWS TO BE SHARED! PERIOD!!