$STEM This company has proven to be ineffective in managing its costs. Its net loss continues to grow at a massive rate which will continue to widen its bear case. Production can also be a major issue, mainly because Stem depends on various suppliers and could be affected by disruptions, outages and other aspects, such as apple demanding all the supply of tesla and stem being left for scraps. Stem has also raised concerns about its internal control mechanism over its financial reporting. It states its limited resources, and the complexity of transactions had created material weaknesses in its internal controls. This raises doubts about the veracity of its financials ahead of its merger. Profitability is perhaps the biggest thorn on its side, especially when they don't have a cash cow such as bitcoin mining to guarantee success. The CEO is playing for short term it seems, probably because he is about to retire and leave with whatever gains he has.
@BobbyAxlelrod @DrLongTerm Bobby, Dr. idiot deserves no attention, as when he (or his other two personas tsp2 or the other idiot) was asked real and harder questions, he just ignored them (he only sent, once, an irrelevant fox26 article).. But for your information sake, see the below, from the S-4 of March 15th. And please don't bash me if I misunderstood what you said, I've been already unjustly trashed today on this board (and I just look for spreading information)
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