$SRNE Post arbitration at 845 AM in Los Angeles . some previous relavant micro details about PSS CEO of $IBRX partial owner of #lakers . • Judge sides with Sorrento, October 2019 Los Angeles Superior Court judge rejected Patrick Soon-Shiong’s and NantPharma, to avoid the billion-dollar fraud & breach of contract claims Sorrento filed 19STCV11328 Sorrento’s claims relate to the “catch and kill” scheme that Soon-Shiong allegedly orchestrated to keep Sorrento’s promising cancer drug, Cynviloq, off the market so Soon-Shiong’s personal financial interest in another competing drug. Judge ruled among other things, denied Soon-Shiong’s and NantPharma’s motion to stay or dismiss Sorrento’s arbitration against them, thus allowing the case to proceed in full. The Court also granted Sorrento’s motions to compel Soon-Shiong entity NantCell’s counterclaims to arbitration, rejecting NantCell’s attempts to avoid the arbitration agreement it had previously entered into with Sorrento.