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      Maria Chaudhry
      H.U.S.T.L.E. #WelcomeToAnarchy99 #StayGreen
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      Dan Mirkin Official Account
      CEO of Trade Ideas LLC we are making the impossible happen every day. Our software figures out where the best odds exist today and gives you the ideas of when what and where.
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      Swing Trade Warrior Official Account
      Pro trader & educator for a large Wall Street trading chat room. Become an educated, self sufficient master of risk. Real time education, alerts & results.
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      Mode: Cash
      1) trade your setup(s) 2) manage risk 3) keep it a trade, dont bag hold 4) slowly convert your winnings to dividend investments 5) gamblers think about profit, traders manage risk 6) remember ST is for market chatter, not financial advice!
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      Trade-Ideas Quant Official Account
      Trade Ideas is a StockTwits Preferred Content Provider. @TradeIdeasQuant is an AI Engine that looks at the most interesting market events in real-time and reports actionable alerts that investors should be watching. Visit us at
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      Momentum Stocks
      Swing & Day Trades. Equity. Options Opinions only.
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      Wall Street Warrior Co
      Our goal is to help beginner/average investors achieve greater returns so they can become financially happy. Follow our own holdings @
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      Daniel Miller
      Master of the BeanScreen.
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      Taylor Haines
      I only go long on equities and I mostly day or swing trade.
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      Congrats to our team for an amazing first week! Were opening ALLSTARHQ for new members for a limited time. If you want a chance to learn and trade with the best, send an email to w/ your email and ST profile by noon tmrw!
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      Austin Cameron
      Co-Founder of StockTalk. Message me if you are interested in joining an extremely affordable chat room at only $9.99 a month
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      Where's your chart bro?
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      Arturo Betancourt
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      Jason Zweig Official Account
      I write the "Intelligent Investor" column at The Wall Street Journal. Links & RTs are not endorsements & should never be regarded as investment advice.
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      John McLaughlin - StockCoach
      Master Day Trading Coach (Stocks) - End big money Losing - Start big money Winning. - Income Potential: $300K+/yr (Authentic-No Hype) -- Prifile: - please Follow + Call for your Free Consultation - 949-218-4114
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      Stock Market Samurai - Chart Coach - Technical Analyst - Please Checkout - Free 10 Day Trial - join the chat for real time stock market charts & educational information - watch MyChartCoach YouTube channel
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      FinancialJuice Official Account - News That Matters - Forex, Futures, Bonds, Stocks, Commodities and Economic News Live
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      Warrior Trading News Feed Official Account
      Largest trading chat room on Wall Street delivering industry leading trading courses for Day & Swing Traders. Trade with a team - Trade with confidence.
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      Plan The Trade and Trade The Plan (PTT/TTP) #KTcrew Follow us all!