$INMD Went in for the cosmetic surgery clinic yesterday for my consultation for InMode treatment. The clinic offers many solutions such as lipo, laser, InMode's RF technology, etc. To the left of the sign in desk was a 6' tall InMode banner. There was no other manufacturer's marketing literature having that presence there in the lobby there. I asked about its popularity and they gave glowing reviews about it. Said they have been offering it for 2 years now, and 2019 procedures doubled 2018's. They see demand only increasing yet they do no marketing for it, which I thought was impressive. So from this I deduct increasing % of consumables. Not sure how it translates into system sales, but if this dr is having so much success with it, I can only assume word spreads and more systems sell, especially if they are broadening their sales territory. The doctor has done the procedure on his wife and some of his staff. He was very positive on the company and technology.
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