$CODX Buyers of CODX still don't see it as a good buy @ 8. Why? Because if they did, we would have rebounded strongly from there twice today. We only had one sharp rebound and it was short lived. That means there are not ENOUGH buyers yet to make it move. When a lot of buyers see it as a good buy, they will step in. That's why I said earlier today we may have another day of 10+ % drop, down to the 7's. That looks like a strong rebounding place. When a stock hits a floor and nothing happens, that tells you it is not likely to happen until another significant floor is hit. Confirm that by other pieces of information, especially volume. I keep saying, "Let the stock tell you what it is going to do!" When stocks make strong runs without hitting a floor, that is almost always because of news or rumor. Right now, no news in propelling this upward. So, we'll have to let the natural forces of the market kick in.
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