$AMC @TreysTrades I may be on to something here. When closing a buy call option w TDA, I allocated my contract to NYSE exchange. My take profit price on this option was in a penny increment. Is anyone else aware of nyse not trading options in penny increments? Seems absurd right? This is where it gets funny. Rather than reject my order (the only just thing) and display a message stating why(nyse does not trade options in penny increments. Only nickel, dime, and whole dollar) TDA decides to allocate my option close back to “best” exchange (citadel’s unregulated dark pool money effectively arming them to fudge the numbers). THIS IS CONCERNING AND SHOULD BE DISCLOSED I only caught it because I was looking at my open orders and would watch the NYSE allocation fall off every time I tried to redo it. Took 3 TDA people to get me to the bottom of it. Then did a little research. Market manipulation much? TDA should have to disclose if your funds aren’t routed to the exchange you choose
@TreysTrades please get this trending so more people know and our stock price reflects truly. This needs to be talked about on one of treys videos
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