$AMSC you don’t have to be a guru to make money in the market , you just need to understand how true price action works. Price does not move sideways, it moves up and down through a series of triangles, knowing where these triangles exist and how the computer algorithms follow them is one of the keys to being successful. The trend lines are drawn by connecting most recent higher highs and most recent lower lows . The bottom trendline may seem straight but it is actually slightly going down. These trend lines were drawn prior to entering this trade on Wednesday morning. As you can see the upper trendline gave a accurate target for the price to eventually end up. Manage your risk per trade so you don’t get wiped out, and keep your stops tight. There are thousands of opportunities like this in the market everyday.
@LORD_QUAS not a buy at the moment but trying to reverse. It took out the longs on the big ole green candle. Look to see what the next 60 minute bar does. There also is a gap at $24.73 that caught my eye.