$FOXO Ok spent the last 3 hrs on sec filings. This is crazy and I could be missing something. As of Sept 15th there were 12,862,348 outstanding. As of Sept 13 10,991,407 redeemed. That leaves 1,870,941 shares difference. Meteora owns 1,165,723. That leaves 705,218. Glazer owns 685,084. That leaves 20,134. Another finding in Aug 30 they mention foxo will have 1,545,154 total outstanding at closing. Let's say meteora are in registered shares. Glazers won't be so deduct 685,084 from that u get 860k. So this float is either 860k or 20k lol. I find it impossible or dangerous to be 20k so imma stick with that 860k. I'm burnt out from reading but will pick up where I left off tomm morning. Anyone else have the DD feel free to share/comment Incase I missed sumthin