$AMC alright guys, daily recap, the shorts have shown that they are all in and have no intention of covering unless absolutely forced to by the SEC. We gotta be careful about any play other than buying and holding actual shares. Out of the money options will be crushed 9/10 times, unless you have someone at the SEC tipping you off with dates. As it is, we are actually following the charts pretty normally. We pumped up 17%-20% in two days, and retraced about half of that in the last day and a half. There is still a bit of a gap up from Friday to Monday between 10.00 and 10.85, which we might retest at some point this week, if you wanna limit buy there. There is a good chance that we trade between 10.85 and 11.00 for the remainder of the week, and then get attacked Friday the way we were pre-market and at the bell today. That has been their play for the last month. This was a normal Wednesday for AMC. You can almost set your watch by these moves.