LUCID GROUP lucid motors enters mass production & delivers a larger number of sedans & suvs. has a good chance of producing 100,000 electric vehicles per year by 2025 LCID Similar Stonks Comparison Auto Manufacturers $GOEV 2.9 B $RIVN 103.6 B $NKLA 4.3 B $ARVL 5.8 B $LI 33.9 B
sleeping beauty .. DINGER aka Elon’s cat Schrödinger is on Uniswap & requires ETH. retail is currently priced out coz gas & slippage fees, but oh my fuck, once it gets CEX exposure & opens the floodgates, this name is the only alt with potential to capture cat power at retail adoption level. SHIB whale added $92m on 2-Nov. I had to set slippage to 9% but worth it. I caught it early & dropped .6 ETH initially when it first launched & saw 3k turn into 27k within a week. then it dipped, & been watching it for 3 weeks . found support & added more. I gained 10k in one minute. I'm riding 2.2 billion .. I really want some more. we all know Dinger will lose 5 decimals soon .. right now there is no volume & generally no clue that this exists outside of us smarts .. buy as much as you can & you'll be rewarded