LUCID GROUP lucid motors enters mass production & delivers a larger number of sedans & suvs. has a good chance of producing 100,000 electric vehicles per year by 2025 LCID Similar Stonks Comparison Auto Manufacturers $GOEV 2.9 B $RIVN 103.6 B $NKLA 4.3 B $ARVL 5.8 B $LI 33.9 B
$GME hsillub a lot of talk of the chairman’s small wee wee ... at roughly 1 am on Monday, the 30-something Chewy co-founder, GameStop chairman, tweeted 'eew eew llams a evah I' .. which spelled backward reads 'I have a small wee wee’ the backwardness is a signal that Cohen was trying to communicate the opposite meaning, engaging in some public self-care by spending the twilight of Monday morning doing a public affirmation that he indeed has a large wee wee . a cryptic call to action on Twitter is not a bad idea .. especially as it’s worked for him before. GME ready to erect. earnings 9-Dec. this has potential for a huge move