I post pictures of my profits and losses. I want everyone to know here that this is done for transparency. We are setting the standard in the sea of "educators" and "gurus" who pretend to be big shots with clever posts/marketing, but never show they actually trade. We want them to do what we do. Show proof. All it takes is about 50-75 subs and a professional guru is born; who makes a teacher's salary before taxes. And now you guys set a fraud into motion for 30 years . Every person who figures out the scam and wises up and leaves, a new hopeful sucker replaces them. Trading is hard, 99% of you will fail. Even if you learn from me or even the best trader in the world, you will still fail. That's honesty. Nobody creates a successful trader. That's the lie you all buy into. A successful trader is born of nature; a good mentor only reveals their true Jedi destiny to them. It's not for everyone. You can't pay for Midi-chlorians. Think before you spend. $ES_F $NQ_F $YM_F $SPY $TVIX