$NVAX This is hilarious as an NVAX investor. We see it over and over again and the SP will recover easily. The weak hands cling onto every word spoken by Glenn and Triz that any hint of negativity the SP dips. What the weak hands missed was they said there'll be multiple filings over the next 2 months, NOT filings will begin in 2 months. They don't want to be more specific than that because 2 months is already a condensed timeframe, so what's the purpose? Look at slide 52. All filings will be completed by the end of 2021, including FDA. Seems pretty good to me. filings coming the year - WHO filing - SP +5% - UK filing - SP +5% - EU filing - SP +10% - AU filing - SP +5% - CA filing - SP +5% - NX filing - SP +5% - US filing - SP +10% Let the weak hands sell. I'm only bummed out that I have no dry powder to scoop up more shares unless I sell a kidney.