$OGEN Perhaps I'm tired. Perhaps I've read and reread to confusion but I believe @Carmella1 is on to something significant with his last post. @JamesRDawson @Thenewyorker2020 @JohnnK please validate what I've compiled here and tell me I'm not crazy! According to the following analysis into Moderna's Covid vaccine: citizen.org/article/the-nih... it concludes that the following NIH patents of interest for Moderna's advancement of its vaccine would give NIH commercial rights to Moderna's vaccine: "2019-nCoV Vaccine" (U.S. Application no. 62/972,886) “Prefusion Coronavirus Spike Proteins and Their Use.” (U.S. Application No. 16/344,774) The reason being while $MRNA scientists worked on 62/972,886 they are not named as inventors where this patent also overlap with the second 16/344,774! In addition, the agreements suggest that NIH has not transferred its rights, but instead maintains a joint stake. Patent application 62/972,886 is the one OGEN currently owns through their Noachis Terra acquisition! WTF!
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