$IDEX gonna buy $1000 worth again tomorrow. It's the same as $NIO . When you know a company and do your DD and really understand them the noise becomes so silent. And $1.56 or $2.86 entry point begins to fade away when you know it's worth $5 or even more in due time. I get it, I'm not a day trader but a lot of people here got mortgages on these companies. There's no such thing as a get rich quick scheme. You may have been up last week and be completely negative next week. But if you dollar cost average and play the long game you're winning. But make sure you can live and feed the family first. 88% of us aren't getting A lost celeb listed from stocks. 10% actually read charts and know algos and are still only winning 55% of the time and that's good.. the remaining 2% don't know what the fuck were doing and just know to give money to Merrill Lynch and "I got a guy" hahaha cheers to the fucking world!! Let's be kind to everyone!
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