$GEVO $OEG $OPTT $MMAT $CWSFF This market is very very sad. Joe Biden is the saddest corporate Presidency ever. We don't even know who's in charge of the white house right now. Jen Psaki lies and obfuscates the truth for the Democratic party. Jen Psaki won't comment on Fauci lying about Chimeric gain of function research on coronaviruses at Wuhan. He lied to Congress. She won't comment on the attack on Larry Elder by some crazed liberal in a gorilla mask. She won't comment on Blackstone buying up property all across America. She won't comment on how the Democratic party is now the party for the big corporations and all they know how to do is screw it to the little man. If you want to see what Democratic rule looks like, just look at Philadelphia. Trash doesn't get picked up for 4 days late, there is garbage all over the place, a 1 billion open air drug market in Kensington, everything is falling apart, the PPA towes your car for not paying a ticket.