$LUNA.X Normies note to self for the next time I try to get some money to Terra Station. 1) move some USD to USDC on Coinbase pro, then moved that to Kucoin. Believe I had to go to Coinbase pro website (not app) to be able to convert the USD to USDC. 2) market sell USDC/UST from Kucoin (use trading account not main account). 3) move money to main account and withdraw to Terra station using Terra station wallet address, choosing Terra network instead of ERC20. May be cheaper to send Luna to Terrastation but haven't tried. Minimum withdrawal is 1 $LUNA.X, so you have to use $UST.X if sending smaller amounts. Sending UST was $4. 4) No memo or remark needed on Kucoin during withdrawal. 5) Once UST is at Terra Station you can hit Swap button to exchange it for Luna and stake with a validator. 6) Delegated Small amount of Luna to orion.money/ for now but plan on spreading Luna between different validators.
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