$TSLA Best strategy right now is buying something already down thus there are less room to go down while others panic selling with emotions. BIDU is down more than 50% from Feb high which is waiting for big international event that is about to happen in China within 7 months. Chinese tech stocks are down close to a trillion since Feb this year. What happened with DIDI is unique because they went thru IPO in the US after they were warned to delay it by Chinese government. BIDU will benefit most with their map service and advertising revenue for Beijing Olympics which start 7 months from now in 2/4/2022. Even without it, due to holiday season in December will have strong bounce for BIDU. BIDU isn't targeted by Chinese or the US government. Unless Washington is willing to lose tens of billions of American money tied to BIDU stock and options. Advertising revenue is big in China because the largest population in the world.