@WilliMakit @dameonwalwyn You are certainly showing arrogance with nothing more than speculation knowing very few facts and nothing relevant about the company...which you keep trying to get the last word. Let me deal with your speculation 1, I don't know the details of why anyone sells buys or buyback but it is enough to point out that there are good reasons. 2. 116K which I dont even know the nature of all those buys is quite a lot for a small company ...not a negative. 3. Lack of DD? You provide no evidence for that claim. You only provide without context a second or third hand source that I can be packaged in many different ways. If you had done that and put it in context then we could have had an intelligent discussion...but no you just make superficial claims without even realzing that I knew about the recent cash raises and had in fact seen that as positive in that financing is out of the way.
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