Nvidia say Omniverse can be use for wide range of enterprise application, such design collaboration & simulation of much real-world architecture. Nvidia say Omniverse is a useful tool for training robots 6 month — 1 year % return By industry — semiconductors $SYNA +114.2% 1Y +223.5% $HIMX -5.5% 1Y +159.3% $LEDS -4.1% 1Y +136.7% $QUIK +18.9% 1Y +131.5% $UMC +39.6% 1Y +113.0%
@dryads mad props to your post for including $QUIK - What Nvidia calls the Omniverse, others call it the Metaverse. QuickLogic will be a key role in Omniverse/Metaverse with edge AI, real-time inference at the low-power device layer, and Machine Learning through its SensiML SaaS