$ADMA I wanted to touch base here since it’s been a while. Folks I am still here and anyone that knows my strategy knows I only cut on toxic dilution period so it doesn’t need to be explained however I realize it’s important to update people along the way. Let’s be clear this stock doesn’t need a pump it’s value and it’s importance in its buisness sector is undebatable. Folks people need this company plasma tech to live this isn’t some fly by the night company and that is why you have some of the worlds top investors owning millions over $3 per share and they haven’t sold one share. What happened was it got psychologically tied to Covid with plasma and it actually ran to $6 when trump fast tracked plasma as a treatment however with no follow up press it then got sold off along side of Covid companies. This stock is so undervalued it will make millionaires out of patient investors you mark my words. I continue to buy and remain patient until it is found again by smart money
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