$GHSI Big investors are loading up on this stock! Analysts have changed GHSI rating to a "Strong Buy" and adjusted the price target from $2-$3 to $3-$5 near term, which could happen this week. GHSI hired a new CEO in January, Mr. Scholtes, a proven nutritional products industry leader with 10 years in the business and national and international connections. He exercised buy option of 916,023 shares @$0.659 on Jan 6, 2021. The commercial partnerships and now regulatory approval of two immune dietary supplements with the Malaysian government effective Jan 28, 2021 is a game changer for Guardion as major orders will be announced in the coming days sending revenues through the roof! There is also a current study looking at the benefits of GHSI medical food and devices in treating COVID19 symptoms. Corporate update on a strong earnings report is also due out this month. Knowing all of this hold for the bigger rally that is coming. Given target price, any price under $2 is a bargain!