$ZOM CEO Larry Heaton is on a quest to expand ZOM in order to provide more comprehensive medical care to animals. The value of the company is a function of its assets and its opportunities to grow that value. In that regard, a review of those assets and opportunities would highlight that now is an excellent time to acquire ZOM shares. The move of reorganizing the sales team under the leadership of Adrian Lock (former Pulsevet CEO) is a game changer for ZOM that now has $195 million in cash reserves, no debt, revenue growing by the month, expanding partnerships with clinics and hospitals, and lots of interests from insiders and institutional investors who have increased their share holdings of ZOM. The acquisition of PulseVet and the sale of PulseVet products for small animals use was a major booster to the company’s revenue in Q4 of 2021 and Q1 OF 2022. ZOM CEO states that, “PulseVet and TRUFORMA product sales are growing, and we are adding Revo2 and VetGuardian products to the mix.”