$BA That might be true if it was for another company But not Boeing why? 1- Boeing and Airbus control 91% of all airplane market so competition is limited 2- Boeing delivered a total of 806 commercial aircrafts in 2018, up from 723 in 2014 while Airbus delivered 800 commercial airplanes in 2018 up from 629 in 2014 3- The world after Covid-19 will be hungry for travel that won't be easy for one company to fill in all orders Boeing is poised to return full strike on 4-Airbus the major competition for Boeing has its share of disappointments and disasters yet it came out strong and healthy 5- The forecast for Boeing is 300-400 because most of US airlines are guaranteed orders to Boeing for the next 4-5 months
$BA ..... DEBATE THE FACTS ! I've seen OUTLANDISH price targets to $300 & $400 that are completely DETACHED from reality: [] Boeing deliveries are DOWN 60%, [] NASA-Space Force reputation is SHATTERED, [] FAA GROUNDED 900 $200,000,000.00 (TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR) 787 airplanes in EXPANDED INVESTIGATION [] with POOR quality control, MULTIPLE DEFECTS found in them, & ZERO DELIVERIES for months (where 14 were projected each month; @ $3 Billion in revenues: GONE POOF!!) [] & adding to CASH BURN & growing losses ....& you got monkeys & clowns making UNSUBSTANTIATED CLAIMS on price with NO FACTS! [] Institutions DUMPING BOEING left & right, [] RECORD DEBT, [] no end in sight for the RONA! [] travel DOWN ~65% THOSE ARE THE FACTS!! More to come... Stay PRUNED!
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