$SOS good god, stop whining.... we are being held down by the MM and by shorts and the fact that the offering didn’t close yet! Yesterday on the gevo page everyone were whining about being under short attack...they are not whining today lol👍👍👍 We will rocket hard on Monday, Mark my words!
@eladahar1127 you must be new here, the stock ran up when the offerings werent closed previously either, the fact that its still held down when BTC is all time highs is an issue
@5050cent I’m new??? Lol, I’ve been buying sos since the 3$ area lol Also what are you talking about??? Don’t post false information!!! Last offering was at 5$, the stock went down to high 3$, and ran all the way to 16$ at the highest point! So please post only facts and don’t post wrong information! Here’s a prof that I’m not “new around here” lmao