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    3.4 times the size of the sun


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      Leave your emotions behind when that bell goes off..All my trades are based on heavy Technical/Fundamental Analysis Low Entry/Patience+HeavyDD Is key to success Stay Consistent GL!! DayTrader/Swing/LongTermInvestor/Commodities
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      Stock Markets news, Stock analysis and top stock picks
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      Full time Trader & Analyst
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      Corey D
      Making high percentage day and overnight plays. Most of my calls will be in my chatroom. But will post 1-2 plays here on stocktwits everyday. Message me if you ever have questions about any stocks always here to help.
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      Momentum marksman with a emphasis on technicals, call top gainers out the gates, alert movers, red to green, bottom bounces, reversals, breakouts, volume stimulates price action #AviationTrading about to go viral 🔥🔥
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      Michael Harris Official Account
      Quant trader, algo developer and book author.Tweets are not investment advice and subject to disclaimer on website.My new book: Fooled by Technical Analysis: The perils of charting, backtesting and data-mining, is only available through my website.
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      Invest Smarter
      Trading for a New Generation! Don't pay someone to manage your money, learn how to do it yourself! Join us at for chat, forum, articles, picks and more!
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      Vaibhav Parnalia
      I can help in your goal to reach 25k and become a PDT. I have custom algorithms that look for swing trades. If you're out of day trades, buy during last two market hours. All my trades are transparent on
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      Earning my "FU" money and I don't give shit about your opinion or pocket! Stay humble. Stay hungry. #staygreen# #WelcomeToAnarchy99#
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      Mr. Sultan
      Don't be a pawn in someone else's position, at Elevate Trader we alert our Community before buying our own positions. Get the top alerts and learn a strategy that's beneficial for you! Join today for a $1, 2 day trial! Remember to do your own DD!
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      SparkFin Official Account
      Learn the markets for free, profit forever. Available in the App Store:
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      Sean Dekmar
      Sign up to before January 1st and receive a Free Two Week Trial! We look forward to seeing you in chat!
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      SwingTradeBot Official Account
      The bot keeps an eye on your stocks, alerting you to buy and sell signals on the stocks you care about.
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      Intellitrade gives you trade ideas. We offer a 7 day free trial with no cc required, give it a try at - (Buy/Short alerts are just our opinions, we are not your financial advisor)
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      Jack Loftis
      Successful ETF Swing Trader. Trading this "mean reversion" approach for the past 9 years. Posting my trades 60 minutes before the Close every day, with over 90% win rate.
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      Heavy WD Gann Analysis including Permanent Charts, Square of 9, Wheel 24, Hexagon Movement, The Squares of Odd and Even Numbers and The Square of 52, Swing Charts, Seasonal Changes and Multiple Cycles Analysis, "Time is the Resistance to Price"
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      A firm believer in using strict rules when trading equities. A developer of strict rules-based equity trading systems. In general, I tend to post targets, not predictions. Email me with questions. See profile link for my trading system targets.
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      Stan Bokov Official Account
      Interactive online charts with free real-time data. Embed charts into any blog or forum and they update themselves. Share insight, comment and follow others.
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      Sam son
      long/short position trader; pyramid gains/blow-out losses; allocation according to technical, psychological, fundamental analysis; hedging to reduce acct-beta.