$PTON is what I think...will be a bounce around 30 maybe 31 but on 24th march the IPO lock up end....will be dangerous
$MRNA holding MRNA calls from Friday. Exited a scalping position after I noticed shorts come in at 23, bought back into the position as the buying volume slammed through short orders. The more cNOV press hits over the weekend the more likely those calls will print $ on Monday. 20% move is not unreasonable for this ticker to assume continuation if you look at the chart history and tendency for continuation. PT here would be 27. May size in more if the open momentum carries to 24. I'll shave off with profits about 27 and hold through for potential ath run. This ticker likes to run with multiple green bars on daily and weekly on catalysts. $PTON wrecked me Thursday, thinking it would reverse sooner but I'm just not sure how much short interest will be able to hold this down in the short term. Long term, I don't see this as great investment, but looking for the bounce back to 30 for exit.
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